The Perfect Burger

3 days in Tokyo and 3 burger joints

Standard cheese burger with not so standard tasting meat patty.  The bun had also been infused with a lot of butter.  Yum yum.

Onion burger.  Half the patty was filled with onions and tomoto puree.

The two burgers above were found in some far away place in Shibuya. It was pretty good and tasted quite healthy.  Not too much oil.

And a little chocolate to help it go down.

And a pretty plate also helps

Stuffed toys can help too

The Cheese bacon mushroom burger

Close up

And a side profile

This burger was quite heavy, but very very tasty.  This was at Omotosando hills.  Still, all in all I still like the Kobe burger at EAT at Gaienmai the most.  It just had the best beef patty.

On another day I had more fastfood, Chilli chicken.

And this being omelet rice.

While I saw beer head walk past.


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