Koenji matsuri

Last weekend in Tokyo…

Had to make it special!

One stop:

The festival starts.  Apologies in advance for the crappy photos, too many people in the way….  About a million people in Koenji I think… and this is not an exaggeration.  Also only had my point and and shoot camera which didn’t help when things got dark…

Dancing to the music

And the crazy crowd

A different troupe.  There are 180 groups or so

And the matsuri goes from 6-9 pm.

Of course there are some break points along the way

And traffic jams

But some really pretty yukatas

Apparently there were many many different groups from friends, corporates etc…

The post office even made an appearance

But some of the colours were a bit much..

But still I think the best matsuri I’ve seen in Japan

And of course some people can’t avoid a little of side advertising


So much to see, so little time

But almost done

Almost 3 hours later, but still fresh


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