The Isle of Wight – the story of the chicken

Weekend trip away to the Isle of Wight

Beautiful clear skies and promises of a relaxing weekend beckoned, and we met my new friend.

Mr. Chicken.

We saw many lovely sights

Such as the needles

Posed for many pictures

Undertook many adventures

But woe betide you if you ignore Mr. Chicken

Because it is HIS island

The road is for his strolls

The sea is for his swimming

And the sky is reserved for his eventual flight

Strolling in his backgarden

Mr. Chicken lives on the garlic farm

It is what makes him BIG and STRONG

Lots of tasty treats are avaliable

Such as oven baked garlic clove

And garlic mushrooms

But if these do not tickle your fancy, don’t worry, Mr. Chicken also offers other dishes for his friends

Like Mr. Cow

He doesn’t offer Mr. Cow as a dish in case you misinterpret what I am saying

Like tomato risotto

Or sausage (piggy) mushroom salad

But remember, don’t ignore Mr. Chicken

Or else

You may regress back into your childhood

Just let Mr. Chicken run free

He just wants to enjoy his home

And think on weighty matters

Entertain kids

Play with them

Meet up with family

And welcome guests to his home

But otherwise just relax….

But in the end, we had to go too.  Bye bye Mr. Chicken

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