Northern lights and goodbye

So, I’ve finally managed to go through the 100s of photos from Iceland.  1388 in fact.  So I’ve saved a bit of a treat for last.

These are the Northern lights.

The green and the orange glow is not from traffic or other lighting, it is the Northern Lights.  The long buzz is from a car going past.  Annoying car.  This photo was taken somewhere on the South Coast as our failed Northern lights sightseeing tour was heading back.

We spent 2 hours freezing at the dark looking at this waterfall to amuse ourselves:

Which was rather cool.  But not at night, when its below 0 degrees :(.

And this is another photo of the Northern lights from the city.  Sorry for the light pollution.  It just randomly appeared in the sky!

Sorry no more photos of this as I had issues with the ISO settings on my camera (too grainy).

My try at an artistic ice shot

On the way back from the glacial lagoon

We stopped by this rather interesting rock formation.  Just like stairs up the mountain.

And then the sun came out!

Now this is the Iceland that I’ve seen in photos

And in movies (Game of Thrones fans – Iceland is where some of the scenes were shot)

Whites, greens, browns and blacks all mixed together…

And on our last day we also stopped to see some horses


And there was a brief communion between woman and horse

But sadly this is the last of my Iceland photos and our trip.  So many things to remember and unforgettable sights, sounds and tastes.

One day maybe I’ll come back.

Until then.


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