Okinawa 1

So in a bit of catch up, here are some pictures of my travels to Okinawa.

Aquarium visit

Whale shark waits outside

Kiddys run into play

View of the aquarium from the outside

Yum yum time begins.  Its hard not to think about food while looking at the aquarium exhibits


Rock fish



The mini exhibition

And the main one.  One of the biggest tanks in the world, with the biggest fish (the whale shark) in the world.  3 of them actually.  14 meters long.  However, I have heard they aren’t very good to eat…

The glass is over half a meter thick

Scared tourists

More of the same

Swimming away out of bordem

And of course, there was another tank.  Just in case you happened to think about diving in…

And a view from above

And on the way out, giant squid!  yum yum

View on the way out

Bye for now!

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