Incredible Italian

Who said that all Japan has is Japanese food?

They have taken Italian food, and made it better…

Life starts with a warm crisp piece of bread

And advances to corn soup with cinnamon

And before you think I am a glutton, I will be posting 3 people’s meals below

Appetiser 1 – Oyster jelly

Appetiser 2 – truffles and foie gras

Salad with small little raw fishies

Pasta course 1 –  crab in a light tomato sauce with angel hair pasta

Pasta course 2 – some raw fish thing (again)

Pasta course 3 – squid ink pasta with sea urchin

Main 1 – Foie gras with sword fish and eggplant

Main course 2 – lamb chop with foam

Main course 3 – perfectly grilled japanese pork loin

Dessert 1 – peach ravaoli.  Peach in ravaoli?  Weird but good.

Dessert 2 – Waffle with oranges and cream

Dessert 3 – Peach ravaoli too

And some small tid bits to finish.  Mango sweet and mini chocolate tarts

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