New Orleans – food

So now onto the New Orleans food.


Grits and grillades – I.e. veal and ground corn.  Traditional breakfast food.  However, I was not a fan…  It tasted like bad porridge to me…



Deep fried alligator.  Taste like a chewier version of fried chicken!

Fresh oysters

Deep fried oysters with cheese (americans love their cheese…)

Etoufee.  A tomato shrimp stew thingy

Fresh salad

Catfish and fries

Jambalaya.  Kind of like fried rice haha.

Gambo (stew with rice)

Tabasco!  I bet you never knew it was made in New Orleans

Tomato prawns

Deep fried oysters with rice

Potatoes, brussel sprouts and califlower

Crayfish etouffee

There was definitely some really good food in New Orleans!

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