New Orleans – Mardi Gras

So off to New Orleans next.

This was the view outside of our hotel.

So what was happening?  Mardi Gras!

What is Mardi Gras?  A big big festival which ends at the end of Lent!

Basically it involves large large crowds and lots and lots of people.

Marching bands etc.

Large and small

Mounted parades

And of course the “Krews” which are groups of people who band together to make elaborate floats.  Like Iron Man!

And Pirates. Argh…

Of which, one of the largest is the Zulu tribe.  With their very own King Zulu (see centre guy above).

We arrived for the last 2 days and celebrations were reaching a fever pitch

Lots of screaming fans in evidence

And they throw lots of things out of these floats.  Mostly lots and lots of beads.

Like this!  I also got hit in the face a couple of times by beads which was rather painful.

Soft toys are also thrown about.  Here are some of the spoils.

People also took the opportunity to dress up as anything.  This includes their dogs…

And festivities continued far into the night!

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