Boston – clam chowder, lobster, freedom and the way home

So now onto the last stop of our monumental US trip.

14 days, 4 cities.

Boston.  Last stop.

So we arrived in the evening and went straight for dinner.

And we just had to go to this place after seeing the name:

Legal seafoods!  A legal legend…

First up, Boston clam chowder.

And of course a Boston lobster

Deep fried mussels

All together, rather bland.  I guess you can’t expect much from a “legal” place…

We then departed for dessert.

Finale – for our sweet spot

So we had the dessert sampler

And this is what it looked like.

And the seasonal cornucopia


I almost died eating so much sugar though…

So the next day off we went off to see the sights.

Past the famous Boston common to follow the trail of FREEDOM

Where we started

A little diversion on the way

And off we marched

Past the city centre

Famous locations

With a quick repast of lobster sandwich and clam chowder.  Definitely much better than dinner the other day!

Past the harbour

Markers of the past

Nearing the end

And a view from the top

And the end of the road.  The little red line has finished.  And so has my journey through America.  First touching down in historic Washington and taking in the Smithsonian Museums, the White House and Capitol Hill, taking a train into Grand Central station in cosmopolitan New York, strolling Central Park and Madison Avenue and watching the New York Nicks, jetting off to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, gumbo and grits, returning to New York for Spanish tapas, and old Irish pub, Japanese bar, and Korean snack all in a night followed finally by Boston for lobster and a taste of freedom where the trail ends.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this trip.

Now onwards to home!

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