Iceland trip – Snaefellsnes part 2

So I left the last post with a seal.

So naturally I shall continue with food.  Cause fat squishy creatures make me hungry.

So following in Frostie’s footsteps (we didn’t have a choice since he was driving) we ended up at Langaholt.

And we were met by the owner/chef.  I think he has one of the best t-shirts if you can read it.  It reads:

I’m not handicapped.  I just like to be pushed around.

Anyway, I digress.  The white stuff is raw fish.  The orange thing is soup.  Cod soup.  Cod soup made by boiling Cod bones for 5-6 hours.

This is the best fish soup I have ever ever eaten.

And there was also home made tomato jam.  Unfortunately I was too busy drinking from the bowl to take any pictures of that.  But it was good too!  You will just have to take my word for it.

So after lunch we were off to the coast.  The large object to the left is the guardian of Iceland.  I think Frostie was pulling our leg.

So we looked over the edge.

And saw this.

And if you look very closely you can see a guardian too.


On the other side, more mountains.  If it had been sunny…

It would have been better!  But not that much more.

Some companions had to be reminded to move along…

To holes in the ground.

Sheltering little friends.  Hmmm.  I wonder what they taste like.

And more views.

Imagine what it would be like to live here!

Now Frostie promised us that each stop would be more interesting that the next.  So he drove us along the highway, suddenly ditched to go down a dirt rode.  Stopped and said follow me.

Then over the small shale dune we saw this.

A beached (dead) sperm whale.

It was big.  Very big.  Frostie said that it was so big, that it would take 3 years to disappear.  You see the problem is that Iceland’s biggest predator is the Icelandic fox.  And its 10kg….

Apparently they die at sea and then get washed up on the coast.  This is the first sperm whale that Frostie has seen on the shore (he used to work in the Iceland emergency sea rescue service).

And this big boy is around the 40-50,000kg weight class.

But the day was drawing to a close so time for our last stop.

A beach made out entirely of black pebbles!

So if you look closely, when the waves come in the pebbles bounce up and down.

Although some people were a bit too curious….  Frostie and I were standing back and he was speculating on who would get wet first.

Ooo cold water.

Cold cold aahhahh

Wet shoes…  Sad panda 🙁

The violence of these waves is so great that it actually tore apart a British trawler a while ago.

And this is a piece of the ship with an unfortunate victim.

Just around the corner was a lagoon.  The pretty colour is because fresh water is sitting on top the salt water (bottom) creating the shades of blue.

And that was the end of our trip with Frostie.  Definitely a trip to remember.

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