Iceland – The glacier, puffin and whale

So our next trip was to a glacier.

A big bad glacier.

The ones you see in the movies coming down to destroy humanity.  Except that this one probably moves a couple of meters a year.

Off we get

Now, what’s so fun about glacier hiking?  When you step on the ice sometimes you can go for a ride.  So, sometimes you need a bit extra.

Spiky metal things.  No, these aren’t things that you need for a special type of football.

A little difficult to put on though…

But some can make it more glamorous than others.  We also got an ice pick to smack others with.  Or to flail with if you were sliding down a glacier.

Then off we went.  Helmets, harnesses and crampons all.

Ok, so it looks as little dirty.  The black stuff is volcanic ash.  Like the stuff that grounded airplanes etc.  And since there hadn’t been snow for a while, no pretty white landscape!

And on and on

Until you hit an ice wall.

Hmmm.  What to do…

Just go straight up.

Some of course looking better than others.

And some with more trepidation.


But just makes it that much sweeter when you are at the top.

Bashing the ice is also quite fun.

You can take out your anger…

There was also a race between the little girl

And the old man.

The old man won (just).

Then it was through a stream and ice tunnel.

Across the wilderness

Past the gaping hole in the ground.

Yes, we had to drop something in.

Down down down

And over the crevasse

Anyway, over to dinner.

Lobster bisque.  Quite salty 🙁

Now this is puffin.  Tastes like duck really.  Its ok, but has this slightly sweet taste.

And this is not a steak.  Its whale.  But it looks and tastes like beef!  Although I’m not really a fan.

And Sker (Icelandic yogurt) for dessert.

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