Iceland trip – Snaefellsnes part 1

During the Easter holidays I went off to Iceland with a couple of friends.

After landing, our first stop was the Blue Lagoon.

It really really was blue!

Otherwise known by its other name of Tourist Trap after our first half hour.  It was nice.  For half an hour.  Then you got bored…….  Ok, maybe I’m just not a spa person.  Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of inside (one of my travelling companions does) because Mr. SLR doesn’t like water.

The excitement of being out of the water.

But I digress.  What we really were in Iceland for was… the scenery!  So at 8:30 we met our tour guide.  He had a long icelandic name.  We couldn’t pronounce it.  So we called him “Frostie”.

Along the way we drove past some horses.  2 friends were to have a closer encounter at a later time, but more about that later.

And some quick product placement later…

Our first stop.

A small pond.


In the summer it is teaming with salmon.  Yum yum.

I’m convinced that Frostie started off with such an unimpressive sight to start so that he could build up the rest of the trip.

Our second stop.

A little adventure to cross the stream.

But why did we want to cross?  As you can see, the grass isn’t really greener on the other side.

What about a private hot top?  40 degrees.  With wine.

And a view.

Sorry no photos of us inside.  I have been banned from displaying any by one travelling companion.

However, I am not prohibited from showing the journey to get there and back.  Hint – this very shy companion is doing the blind person imitation in the photos below.

Careful there.

Some decided to forego shoes.  I would like to point out that the water is a warm 2 degrees 🙂

And if you aren’t careful, you will get a soggy shoe and socks.

I ended up toasting my sock over the fire after a little accident in the middle of the river.

On the way back some of us were more surefooted.

Striding off with Frostie in the background.

And the blind person…

Then off to the seaside.

Mmmhmmm.  Black ash makes for an interesting photo.

And even more interesting mountains.

But what’s this in the water?

A seal!

With some birdies.

Anyway more next time.  Now only 1200 more photos to go through….

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