So off onto my first Japan trip.


And like all good trips, it starts with a nap.  On the way from New Chitose airport to Sapporo.  On our way to a very special appointment.


This is the signature Sapporo ramen.  Corn and butter miso ramen.  Oh so good.  The butter helps to counter the saltiness of the ramen and makes it so very silky smooth.  Only issue was that the shop was really really really hot.  It was so hot that the fan tended to blow hotter air….

So we stepped outside for a bit.  Past the TV tower and then off to sleep as the next day was to be a busy day.


In our trusty steed, eh… car…  we sped along the roads.

Through green valleys.

Thankfully we stopped before hitting the farm.

But why visit a farm you say?  For the lavendaaaaaar.

And they had lots of other flowers too.  But mostly lavender.

And lavender everything.  Including lavender icecream.  Tastes a bit like soap… but anyway I digress.

We were here to smell the roses.  But since there weren’t any roses I settled for these red flowers.

You could also pick these pink ones if you are so inclined as well.  After a while my smelling made me hungry.

Vegetable (yasai) curry with potato croquette.  Oh so yummy.  Or maybe it was just the scent of lavender in the air.  And a chocolate drink made from the special Hokkaido cows to wash it all down.

Some animals tried to steal my food too.  In an effort to get them to go away, my friend managed to empty half his soda on another friend…

And almost got exiled to the floating melon.

The melon farm is conveniently located next to farm tomita.

And they grow icecream.

And make melons.

Or maybe it is the other way around.  Just imagine the succulent taste of melon in your mouth.  Mhmmm.

Then when we were done with eating, it was time to smell the roses again.

And after that, a nap in the grass.

Until next time.

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