Mt Tokachidake

Cause all the eating is making me fat, we decided to have an adventure.

This picture of a flower belongs here because its lonely and doesn’t fit anywhere else.  Anyway, I digress.

We were going up Mount Tokachidake.  This was advertised as an easy hike, that even the 80 year old men went up.

And after the previous night’s nutritious dinner of Genghis Khan lamb (I kid you not) AND

Special mild which leads you on the road to being a ninja AND

A peaceful sleep on the floor…

Up we went.

Puff puff up we go.

1/4 of the way up we were overtaken by 80 year old men running up the mountain… -.- indeed.

1500 meters above sea level.

But still this to go.

Oh I forgot to mention.  This is a volcano.  And that steam is the volcano steaming evilly.  Its actually supposed to erupt any day now.  Oh well, consider it motivation to walk faster.

And the top!

And the view from the top. We didn’t stay that long as I was greedy along the way and ate my lunch on the way up.  So not much reason to hang around at the top.  Although I guess if I was desperate I could try the insect life.

Dragonfly nom nom nom.

But the way down seemed to go on for ever and ever and ever.

But not nearly as exciting as Scafell Pike.  I did entertain the thought of waiting until darkness to enjoy a more interesting hike down, but in the interests of returning to Tokyo with all my limbs I refrained from mentioning this on the hike.  Now that I’m safe at home however…

And finally down at the bottom!

Now where is that onsen.

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