Eton supersprints triathlon 2012

In a short break from the usual programme here is a post about a triathlon I did on 20 May.

As some of you may know, I had a cycle accident about a month ago.  I am still suffering from amnesia from that day.  All I can remember is going to sleep the day before, and then waking up in hospital.  My trusty gps watch says I crashed at 34km/hr at 9:03 on a straight and empty road.  I cracked my helmet, ripped a hole in my jacket, base lawyer, tights, gloves, bent my handle bars and shaved metal off my back wheel lever.  I then proceeded to dye my white jacket to a nice shade of pink.

My cycling friend who was ahead heard me crash and took me to hospital.

Since then I had had a tooth replaced, got to know my physio a lot better and declined a nose job.

But since I signed up for a triathlon, I thought I had to go.  After all there were other colleagues (and pride) at stake.  My physio cleared me for it but said, TAKE IT EASY.

The race

The swim

Now, I think I am making it a habit to see how late I can be to triathlons.  This first started last year when I arrived 15 minutes before the starting gun (had a problem with my bike tire and missed the first train).  The race after that (next week) ran into the water 10 seconds before the gun (I blame the queue at the toilets).  Now, got to the transition area 10 minutes before but wasn’t even wearing my tri suit… (I blame the marshalls who blocked us from getting in while the kiddies were doing some race).

Anyway, I got into the water 30 seconds before start (new record in some ways I guess).


Time to start.  To the person I smacked on the head, I’m sorry, but you were in the way and not letting me get ahead is not nice.  This was my first attempt at a sprint start.  Quite exciting really.  But next time must arrive earlier and start further in front.

As it was only a 400m swim never really got any time to get into the rhythm and had very bad breathing form.  May also be due to the fact that I’ve swum 4-5 times this year and once in the month before the race (accident I blame you).


I got out of T1 (not many people around thankfully).  Got to my transition area.  And took off my wetsuit and got stuck….  You see, I was in such a race before that I didn’t put body glide (lubricant to get wetsuit off) on properly.  2 annoying minutes later, it came off.  Then time to hop onto the bike.

The bike

I actually felt reasonably good on the bike as it was the only type of accident (indoors) I was allowed to do while recovering as I have managed to (a) dislocated my wrist which means little swimming and (b) strain my IT band which means little running.

Interestingly the Auckland triathlon qualifiers were also taking place at the same venue, in the wave after mine.  You could hear these guys/girls come screaming past on their very distracting bikes…


Got off the bike and remember to take it easy sooo…. Now time to stretch.  Eat some food.  Take a drink.  Tape up my knee.  Watch the other competitors madly scramble around.  Take a nap.  Then off at a nice easy pace for the 5km.

The run

Run, stop, stretch x 4.  Given the pain the last time I tried running (a week before) I wasn’t taking any chances with my knee.  So I took it really easy.  And I would not be goaded into going faster.  Even if girls passed me…  So secure in my masculinity I ran/limped to the finish line.

The result

I was 10 minutes off my previous best.  Which is bad all things considering.  And I could walk after the tri!


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