10 Greek Street

Since my Turkey photos are on my desktop computer (which is being shipped to Japan) I thought I would quickly fill you in on an out of order food entry.

Apologies for the bad picture quality as these were off my blackberry.

As one of my last meals in London I sauntered over to 10 Greek Street for a leisurely lunch.  We shared most of the dishes (no I didn’t eat everything myself).

The menu for 10 Greek Street changes quite often depending on what the chef has found or feels like cooking.

First up

Deep fried calamari.  Very crispy (and not too oily) calamari with a lemon mayonnaise sauce.

Followed by a seafood stew.  Mussels, clams, seabass and prawns in a rich tomato based soup.  Quite good, but I still think the Icelandic seafood soup was better, but not by much!

Cold tomato soup.  Not too thick or thin, just right.  With a tangy aftertaste.

Asparagus salad with a runny egg and parmesan.  A great balance of flavours.

It looks like a scone, but its actually a beef pie.  And not a minced beef pie, a real beef pie.  Like you put a slab of steak into a pie.

Rich chocolate tart with cream.  The chocolate was oh so thick…

Creme bulee.  And the toffee on the top was so sticky that it could almost pull your teeth out.

And a sponge cake with chocolate and vanilla icecream to finish off.

Definitely one of the better meals I’ve had in London.  Would love to come back someday.  Maybe after Tokyo…..

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