Shiga kogen skiing 1

Went skiing on the weekend with the other trainees.  Shiga kogen is the biggest ski resort in Japan and consists of 21 linked ski areas catering for every type of ability!  It sure is one massive place.  And it only takes about 3 hours to get to from central Tokyo.

Niku looks puzzled on the early morning Shinkansen

Niki and Rena look a lot more awake

First day slope.  Weather was quite bad as it was snowing but it was actually 2 degrees.  Meant that the snow hit you, then it melted.  With my old jacket things started to melt through so not that fun…

Don’t really have many pictures from the first day as the weather was so bad… But anyway, we retired to our hotel form a yum yum dinner!

Please note the small animal calling for food to the left.

Dinner!  Then bed time.

Wakey wakey on day 2.  The view from our hotel front door.

The slope we had been taking on the first day, Ichinoise Diamond

Saying hi to the camera!

Then in the distance I turned around and this huge kid arrived.

Say hi to the camera Niku!

Although the skis were a bit small for him..

Giant kid leaves for his lesson

The view down Ichinose family area

And another slope down

Entrance to the Okushiga Kogen area which is for skiers only.  Boarders can throw themselves off the nearby cliff

Down and down

Views from the chairlift

Now which way to go?

Down the olympic run

On the way up




Good background scenery

Clear blue skies

Perfect ski weather!

Ski park!  I had a major wipe out here…

The Yakebitaiyama area

Down the olympic course

Mogul fun… almost died here.  The moguls were very very lumpy and not very fun.  Plus it was almost pure ice on top.

Rena-chan takes a rest after a small smack down

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