New York 5 – NYSE, yaki niku, New York Knicks, yaki niku and cupcakes

And here we are, the last set of New York pictures.

A quick trip to the NYSE, where dreams are made

A quick look at the reconstruction at ground zero

A memorial to 9/11

Swinging past city hall on the way

And the NY court.

The BULL or bull markets

I also attended my first ever NBA game.  New York Knicks v Cleveland Caviliers.  What an exciting match!  There was certainly alot of screaming.  Also, the Cavs got booed quite a bit.  Lots of booing when they were taking free throws!

There was also a lot of entertainment when time outs took place such as cheerleader dancing,


a free throw from half court by a member of the audience and random celebrity spotting (Hi Jessica Alba!).

I also realised how huge the basket players were when they walked by ordinary people…

In the end it came down to the wire. 1.8 seconds to go and the Cavs leading.

And then they won.

The anger simmered in the room.

We left quickly.

And now onto food!

Red velvet cupcake (left) special breadcrumb cupcake (the name of the shop) and banana cup cake.  I ate all of these at once for breakfast and then felt a bit ill…

Did not put me off a Tiramisu cheesecake though!  Oh so good.

Too bad I only have one stomach.  Otherwise I would have eaten everything in the store…

Then for dinner it was time for Korean!

Dinner… Mhmmm.  Yaki niku.  Pork in this picture

Beef (calbri) in this

And more beef!

I think America is making me fat.

But all good things must end…

Nightscape of New York.

And then we rode off into the sunset.  Next stop, New Orleans and Mardi Gras!

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