So after having spent too much time on the mountain, it was off for some cultural sights.

And since we hadn’t had enough of hiking (I pretended that all of the complaining was just sado masochistic mutterings) we climbed the hill to see Edinburgh.

These are views of the top.

The little guard house for:

A piece of Greece.  The half finished state is not due to looting and bombing (like the Athens’ original) but something rather mundane but also Greek.

They ran out of money.


A close look revealed many distractions.

Such as the view from up high.

A much prettier city than London I must say!  Must be the lack of international finance.  Well when I say that, I mean banks and financial institutions that like to build faceless sky scrappers.  But if you look around, I’m sure that there are enough bankers to use the facilities of the next attraction we visited.

This is the way to the top attraction in Edinburgh.

Ze castle!

Complete with historical acting and story telling.   I had trouble understanding what they were saying though (Scottish accent and all).

And more modern dissemination of information.  Our tour guide for the day actually had a French accent, which made things easier to understand.

And this is what the castle is useful for.  Holding prisoners.

Or criminals.

Or said bankers.

And living quarters for the prisoners.  Just as long as you don’t misbehave.

Otherwise the lion will eat you.

After that, it was time for more cultural overload.

The Scottish National Museum.

Lots of things to hunt inside.  Guess this is how you get people like William of Wallace.  Got to pick on the mammoths from a young age to tougher you up.  Also prepares you to run around in a skirt.

There were also lots of pretty rocks which got me thinking about interior decoration.

But that’s all for now.  Until next time.

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