Gyoza land

Did you ever think there was something missing from your life?

Disney land too kiddy for you?

Universal studios a bit too dated?

Alton towers just a bit too boring?

Well, why not try a food theme park?

Yes, a gyoza theme park.  A hundred shops selling gyoza.  Life just keeps on getting better.

The front door

Gyoza v Udon

Who will win the epic battle?

One menu

One store

Another menu

Set one.  Cheese gyoza.  Topped with spring onions and grated daikon.  Mhmmm

Kobe beef gyoza.  Mooo

Pepper and lemon gyoza

Gyoza with lots of spring onion and spicy kimchi

15 types of gyoza

And then once you are done with that, its time for icecream city!

Ok, no more photos of icecream as I ate it too fast to take a photo.

But there were weird flavours like squid, uni, prawn flavoured icecream.  They even had coal flavour.  ???

Then after you are done gorging yourself, you can retire to the forest for a relaxing massage to help the food digest.

Then take a little ball of fluff to remind you of your travels on your way out.

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