Enormous Ebi

So far in the 3 months that I have spent in Tokyo things have been quite noisy in restaurants.  Searches in quiet eating have not been that sucessful.  Although things are not nearly as bad as in Hong Kong when you can’t even hear yourself think.  It is so loud that your thoughts start to get interferred with as the sound waves around you travel into your brain and disrupt your thoughts.

But when travelling around the city, things are very very quiet.  It doesn’t sound like a city really.  Bicycles go past without ringing their bells, cars don’t use their horns.

I like it.

And now, back to some more yum yums.

Went back to the special fishmonger/izakaya with some friends from London.

As local as it gets. Since none of us can read Japanese we just talked to the waiter and said “Omakase” which means “feed me”.

Wasabi plant.  Now this is interesting!  I didn’t know how strong it would be, so I ate a little piece and it was ok.  Then I ate a big mouthful.  Then I died.  The extreme pain in my nose latest about 2 seconds though, so at least it was over quickly.  Quite a bitter taste, but with a slight (don’t eat too much at once) sharp taste.  Good nasal unblocker.

Yum yum fried octopus again.  This is octopus fried just right so that its still soft.  Then it is coated in a light batter with shredded daikon (raddish) and spring onions on top.

Assortment of sashimi.  Before I got to Tokyo, I hated mackerel.  But now things have changed..  At least when it is raw, it has this delicious taste.

BBQ squid.  With some light pepper.  Excellent again.  Tastes as if it was alive just a minute ago (which it probably was).

Annago.  This is a another type of Eel (not Unnagi) fried in a light batter.  Its like Japanese fish and chips (without the chips) although much much better than the British alternative.

Salmon roe and uni.  So much…….

And now the special dish.  A prawn.  But not just any prawn.

This prawn is about 30 cm long.  I kid you not.  It was bigger than some lobsters I know.  Remember this.  GIANT black tiger prawn.  Then you will feel joy…

Ebi: Please eat me.  Please please please.

And to end.  Green bean tofu.  Yum yum

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