Goodbye Cappodocia, hello Ephesus

So we woke up early again the next day.  I think 5 am (not getting much sleep this trip) and while we were waiting for the airport shuttle to leave, we saw this.

And this

And this

ARgghghghghghhg.  If we had this type of weather the previous day it would have been great!  Then again, at least it wasn’t raining….

Guess it gives you a reason to come back next time!

But off we went to the airport.

Which unfortunately was covered with heavy heavy fog.  Which meant our flight was delayed by 2 hours, which was a problem as we were planning to just day trip Ephesus.

So first stop, a hole in the ground.  But not just any hole.  Its a baptism pool.  And its in front of….

The House of the Virgin Mary

Officially recognised by the Vatican, this house has been reconstructed on the grounds of St Mary’s original house where she went to live after Jesus’ was crucified 

Millions of pilgrims arrive each year to pay their respects

Leaving a candle as a short momento

While gazing over the valley.

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