7 hours in Ephesus – Part 1

So after the house of the St. Virgin Mary off we went to Ephesus.

In the first century AD it was one of the biggest cities in the world.

That was until the evil spread and chocked the city under its heavy miasma.  In layman’s terms, the silt piled up and covered the harbour and then the people abandoned the city.

But this means that it left ruins like this!

The first view as you enter the city.  This is the city hall area.  Important people use to live here

If you were important you would walk down here

And stroll down this boulevard

Turn around to admire the view

Visit the temple (yes only the entrance is left)

Stroll up the street to check on your fellow plebs

Check out the shops on either side

Down another path

Check in at the temple of Hadrian

Say hello to the kitty

Good kitty!

Before continuing down the main street.

To be continued.

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