Cappadocia – the Red Valley and Rose Valley

So after the Gorome open air museum it was time for a little hike.

So off we set into the distance

To see the rose valley

Unfortunately the signage wasn’t very good so we got a bit lost

But it meant we got to see some hidden gems, like this small alcove in the middle of no where

But onwards we went

Appreciating the view as we went past

At times, trying to hide from monsters.  Seems like the one lurking in the underground city decided to follow us

I only wish the weather was better, it was a rather overcast day so we didn’t get the glorious vistas that the internet promised

And dotted throughout the valley were the many many houses carved into the rocks.  None inhabited anymore.  A bit cold and drafty

We got a bit lost at places though

But thankfully some helpful signs for when you get lost

And some not so helpful signage.  WHICH WAY??

So we struggled on

And some wildlife

So after several hours we reached the bottom

At least we made it back before dark, unlike our lake district adventure!

Till next time!

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