a hk breakfast

Still suffering from jetlag.

Woke up at 7am and then went for a run.  Only managed 6km.  Then it felt like what it was like to have asthma again.  Urgh, horrible air pollution.  Got to be careful with the exercise here.

Anyhow, after the jog it was time for food!

Went up to the jockey club to eat at the six furlong.

Traditional HK breakfast!

Yum yum.

So congee with conpoy (dried scallops) on the left, and turnip cakes on the right.

And a close up of the congee

nom nom nom.  Now with the spring onions and the dried crackers in.

And of course, you need to finish with some dai pai dong tea!

Feels much healthier than the UK equivalent.  And I am quite sick of cereal, croissants and such…

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