The Golden Circle

So next visit was to explore the Golden Circle.

First stop was Þingvellir

Located at the edge of the Mid-Atlantic plate

And next to the largest natural lake in Iceland

And this is one of the rifts

And of one the tourists looking over the edge for a closer look.

You can actually go scuba diving/snorkeling in the water here and peer straight down into the rifts!  Unfortunately, one of our party couldn’t swim, so we couldn’t go 🙁

Our next stop was Gullfoss waterfall

I wonder what it would be like to approach this by boat instead of by bus.  Wheeeeeeee….

It is the most visited tourist attraction in Iceland

And maybe this is why

This is all glacier melt water

Nice and yummy to drink, but you have to be a bit careful in case you fall!

And nearby, a small representation of the mountainous Icelandic scenery with more mountainous Icelandic scenery in the background.

That’s all for now, the rest of the Golden circle will follow in the next post

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