Next day was time for some sightseeing.

This is the culture and music centre.

Iceland didn’t have money when it was built.

And they still don’t have money to run it.

Anyway, its a pretty building, but rather empty, much like the Icelandic banks.

Moving on, this concrete looking bunker is a concert hall.  It fits in quite well with the weather we were having.

A traditional Icelandic house!  Apparently, in the past Iceland traded lots of fish to Russia.  But they didn’t have money to give them back.  So they gave them iron and lots of red paint.  Hence this building (if you look closely) is made of corrugated iron and is red…

This house is where Gorbachev and Reagan met for nuclear limitation talks.  This was apparently the highest building at that time in the 1980s.

And this lovely building is the water tanks for the city.  Lots of hot water.  And has a revolving restaurant on top.

Some nearby tourists were also around taking in the view.

Some more traditional Icelandic statues were also around.

Such as the angry pillar in the ground.

Next to the dancing viking.

And a little canine friend.


Some extra colour was also provided by some cars.

But finally it was off to lunch.  This was the best lobster soup I have ever had in my life.  Period.  Much better than the Boston lobster soup I had (sorry Boston).

And because I have been missing the nature pictures this post, here is a sneak preview for the next one!

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