Seville 3

We decided to rent some bicycles so we could see the city more easily.  What a good idea!  It has been so long since I’ve cycled, but I had forgotten the sense of freedom it gives you.  As I can’t drive, this is probably the faster way (legally) I can go outside of a ski slope.

The first photo is of the Plaza de Espana.  All around this plaza are the different regions of Spain with murals and maps.  Quite interesting (although some others were more interested in soaking up the sun).

There is even a moat that you row around on

But two of us were more interesting in looking around and exploring

And I guess the latest budgetary crisis in not the first for Spain…

And a parting glance

Then while passing by, another glance of the catherdral

Lunch! pumpkin soup.  This was quite good (and sadly probably the best part of the meal)

Chickpea with seafood.  A bit bland.

Seafood in some crepe thingy.  It was really really salty (and that rather spoiled it…)

Some chocolate (soup it seemed like) for dessert.

Altogether a rather disappointing meal.  🙁  I guess that’s what you get for following the guide book!

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