Seville 2

And the visit continues

The first photo is of the cathedral of Seville

And a bit closer

And inside

So after we spent an hour or two in the catherdral, we decided to depart for food.  Time to see how thing’s measured up.

First, over the bridge we went.

Nice and sunny

And then we ended up eating:


Little fishies (don’t know the name) and Hake

Prawns in olive oil with LOTS of garlic

Egg with ham and lots of beans.  Yum yum

Pork cheek!

All in all, quite a satisfying meal.  Apologies for the bad photos, I only had my small camera (not my food camera) along.

After a late lunch, we went for a wander around the streets.  It was very very quiet, but quite relaxing.

And a bit more sightseeing

Architecture was quite interesting, a mixture of Moorish and Christian influences.  At the villa above we were given audio guides which promptly put me to sleep with their droning voices (I did actually have a quick nap on a bench).  I guess it was just a survival mechanism from lectures at university (and unfortunately also happens at some events now).  As people will tell you, I tend to fall asleep everywhere…

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