Nepal 4 of 4

Continuing on in our exploration in Chitwan, we then spent 2 days in the national park.  Chitwan is the story of an amazing conservation success as the home of the one horned rhino.  It was 2014 since the last poaching incident.  Their breeding and anti-poaching programme has been so successful that they are now spreading the love, exporting rhinos to other national parks.

Although we saw many rhinos on our trip, it seemed to always be of their hind quarters, often in the tall grass as well.  We saw plenty of deer, birds and curious monkeys watching us travel by.  We even had a chance to watch the elephant bathing, with some human support.  Yet, what we were really only interested in was a face first view of a rhino.  Just one.

Towards the end of the day, we got our wish as a juvenile appeared on the road and starred down our jeep seemingly quizzical about our presence.  He even posed obligingly in a beam of light.  A difficult shot to take but well worth the highlights and made my lugging of my rather cumbersome zoom lens worth it.  An excellent end to our Nepal journey.

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