Kyoto revisited 1

So my little brother came to visit. おとと

And off we went to Kyoto

First visit was Tenryu temple.  Angry man at the doorway

Nice garden.  No one around as it was raining

And the mist was sweeping the hills

But the corridors were empty!  Such a contrast from the last time I was there almost 6 months ago

Waiting for lunch at the temple

Here it comes!

Shojin ryori しょじ りょり which is the monk veggie food.

From the top right going clockwise: silky silky tofu with wasabi on top.  mountain potato soup. rice. japanese jelly, plum, winter melon, garlic shoot, and some nasty seaweed tasty thing that almost killed me.  collection of pickled veggie and then in the middle tofu, mushroom and leaf (snow pea).

Tea and miso egg plant

Musk melon and teapot (食べません。。。)

All in all a very interesting lunch actually.  Glad I tried if, even if the seaweed thing was a big surprise.  Food had a lot of flavour and depending a lot on the freshness of the ingredient to accentuate the tastes.

On the way out of the restaurant, little brother considers…

Fishy!  Just got to wait for dinner…

But first off to the bamboo grove. Peaceful and quiet this time.  Again everyone was hiding because it was raining.

And the busy busy river nearby

And on the way back to the station, the mind games hostel…  Careful about staying there.

Delay!  I think this was the first time I’ve seen a delay since I got here 6 months ago…

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