Fuji journeys, part IV

Last post on fuji (out of order I know).

This is about the dinner we had at the Ryokan.

First course

First part of the first course.  Starting from the top left, going clockwise.  Jellyfish, avocado tofu, sharkfin jelly with gold foil, carrot tofu, chicken skewer.

More 1st course.

Mushroom, pepper, carrot and BEEF.  Yum yum.

Rest of the 1st course.  Sashimi, including a quite interesting prawn with long long pincers (covered by the leaf :()

2nd course – chicken salad.  Quite good.  I do like how the sour taste of the lime goes with the chicken and salad.

3rd course – egg custard

4th course – prawn tofu thingy deep fried in some potato thing

5th course – Scallops.  Yum.  And also vegetable chips

6th course – veggies to feel healthy

7th course – rice

With pickles

8th course – dessert!  Melon, chocolate cake, and right at the top, grape jelly.  The grape jelly was really really good.  Slightly tangy but not too sour.

All in all though, I preferred the meal at the Miyajima Ryokan.  Maybe it was because it was more ‘hearty’ in terms of the dishes provided and the amount of food, but this one was good too!

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