Ito – a visit to the seaside

So we wanted to see the seaaaaa

This is Ito.  Where we stopped for some munchies on the way.  It is also known as an onsen (hot spring) town.  Kind of like going to Brighton if you live in London, but about 10 x better (sorry Brighton).

What to eat.  Maybe, a TONDON?

Anyway, I went for a minchi katsu.  And it was minced meat.  Hmmmm.  Wasn’t expecting that.  Well, don’t think I will be ordering it again.  It was kind of weird.  Tasted like a fish cake, except meaty…

Then we got back to the train station to wait for the next train

But while waiting…

Icecream vending machine!  yum yum.  

So I had a blueberry cheesecake moncha to past the time

And finally at our destination

Out in the nice suburbs (read retirement homes)

And here we are.  The tsuribashi (hanging bridge) which is very famous in many movies.  For the suicide scenes.  Not that we were there for the same reason.  It was also very busy.  But also not for that use either.  For taking photos…

Although, along the way we saw this dog.  This dog refused to move.  And the owner got cross and had to carry it.  I think he secretly thought of throwing the dog off the bridge

There were also some interesting trees along the way

Then back to Ito for…

The beach and a swim

Anyhow, after a long hike and a swim, what better way to unwind then with a dip in an onsen.

Except, the temperature outside was already 35 degrees.

And this water was 60?  Just to TOUCH the WATER was like putting my finger onto a hot BBQ.

After about 5 minutes or trying, I got in.

Then after about 1 minute, I felt like I was going to faint from the heat so I got out.


Anyway, this is the rest of the bath house

Which is where you get to stay if you want for the night.


I miss staying in a Ryokan.

Until next time!

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