The Bosphorus, the sea and a little sunset

Sorry for the long break, only just got my little baby (read my big computer) back from shipping.

So now to continue with the Turkey adventure.

It was a beautiful day…

So let’s take a cruise!

Sailing between Europe and Asia.

Or of course you could take the bridge

Meanwhile, the blind girl was busy taking lots of photos

And the remnants of the old bastions guarding the way to civilization.  And of course I mean Asia!

And the sea was oh so blue.  I wish things were as blue where I am now.  Unfortunately its raining…

Anyway, off we got, eventually.  I admit that I fell asleep as usual.  Unfortunately my not so nice friends were busy making fun of me while I slept.  Lucky for me I also have incriminating photos/videos.  Anyway…..  We got off in front of one of the numerous mosques.

And ran off to Asia.  Mmmhmm.  Feels different.  People are a lot friendier.

Then again, maybe it was the blind girl working her charms.  Or…. She likes older men.

And the music scene was really interesting!  More inspiration to play guitar!

After running around Asia and savouring the sights, we wandered around and around to find…

Obligatory tourist tower with tourist prices…

Where you got views like this

Then we went down to the water front for a bit of relaxing before the main event

After of course posing for a couple more photos

We walked through the market to try and find the least touristy looking place


But of course a meal is not complete without

Dessert – the ever so divine chocolate cake

And of course turkey icecream!

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