Kyoto – Kinkakuji and Ryoanji

The next day we went off to check out some more iconic Kyoto sites.


This is probably one of the most spectacular.  This is Kinkakuji temple.  And that gold looking stuff on the temple walls.

Its not gold foil.

Its real gold.

Probably quite a good investment in today’s inflationary environment.  Although not as good as the inflationary bread I found in Turkey.

The temple is also famous for embodying three styles of building.  The ground floor is built in the Shinden style popular in the Heian period.  The first floor is built in the Bukke style often used in Samurai residences and the last floor is built in a Chinese Zen style with a golden phoenix topping everything off.

Next up was Ryoanji.

Along the way we passed by some small distractions.


Which mean that it took longer than I expected to get up to the temple.


On account of people stopping to ogle the view.


And this is what everyone comes here to see.


You are supposed to stare and contemplate the meaning of life.  The 15 rocks in the rock garden are arranged so that you can’t see all 15 from any one view.

I guess it could be hiding the hidden meaning of life.

But I will leave more weighty matters to those with more time than me.


Whether you view them as mountains, symbols of the struggles of life, a mother tiger carrying its cubs across the water (this is actual one interpretation) or just rocks, it makes for a thought provoking view.  I did begin to wonder about lunch about this time, but then again most things make me think about food.


Through its expansive grounds we also came across little hidden gardens.


Paths leading far far away (and of course paved with rocks).


And a beautiful pond with a Sakura tree in full bloom.


With a swan stopping for a nap.

Until next time!

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