Jordon, Wadi Rum and Petra

I used to like deserts.  I still like desserts.

When I was a kid, I loved sand.  It seemed to be the greatest thing in the world.  Something I could shape and mould into anything I wanted.  Although, after a few hours, this would get a bit old and my parents could take my happily home.  Not so for my brother.  He had a fascination with digging holes.  He was particularly enraptured one summer when we went to Fraser island, off the coast of Australia.  That was an island made entirely of sand.  So he would dig in the morning, dig in the evening and dig at night.  Digging all the way until dinner.  

Looking back, I can think of few other more useless tasks.  Photography aside of course.

So driving through the Middle East deserts, walking past bazaars and then finally reaching the awe inspiring sights of Petra, I feel that I have completed my childhood journey.  Now that I’m done with deserts, its time to find a fitting end to my journey.  Finding a dessert.

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