Jökulsárlón – part 1

The day dawned with the promise of beautiful weather

Iceland really is transformed by the sun!

Unfortunately it was not to last…

But we tried to enjoy things while they lasted

Jokulsaelon, otherwise known as the glacial lagoon.

Such a curious name, let me show you why

Cause its a lagoon with icebergs!

And we were going to go on a boat tour!

But first to suit up

Yes its like putting on a fat suit, but its just in case you fall (or are pushed) into the water

And off we went

Here a couple of pictures of the incredible views

A you can see, unfortunately the weather was not that cooperative!

But still, an experience not to forget

The glacial lagoon is created as the glacier melts and slabs of ice fall off creating icebergs

And it leads to some of the most breathtaking scenery

And now I know what they mean when they say Icebergs have an eerie blue colour

I did at points entertain thoughts of what would happen if we struck an iceberg.  Whether it would be preceded by a couple of slow bubbles of escaping air as our zodiac deflated.  Whether we would honour the nautical tradition of women and children first (that means the girl pretending to be blind gets to go first).  Fortunately the skill of our driver and the thick rubber meant that I did not have to live through my fantasies.

Part 2 to follow!

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