Frequent friends

Friends in town again, so more sightseeing!

While walking to Ginza, stumbled across a fire extinguisher shop!

Design! Ecology!  And yes of course quality.  Although if I am on fire, I don’t think I would care what colour the fire-extinguisher was…

Off to the imperial palace.  I took photos of the same place almost 3 months ago (see my second post) and there was no one around.  Now look at the place!  Everyone is out to enjoy the Sakura.


Up the flowers and into the sky

A bit of liquid refreshment while sitting and relaxing in the garden under the cherry blossoms

No tourist, dogs, or annoying dogs allowed.  Hence nice empty picture!

On the way out

As the sun goes down..

Time dawns on another meal.  This is tonki.  Land of happiness and tonkatsu.

Open since 1967 this restaurant serves two things.  Hire-katsu and Rosu.  Which is pork loin and pork cutlet tonkatsu.  Nom nom.

And the special dish arrives.  It is double fried so that the outside is extremely crisp and there (does not seem) to be much oil.  It also seals in the juices and the pork is so so tender and moist.  When eaten together with the crunchy exterior you can achieve a truly sublime moment as your senses clash….

Ok, sakura season is having a weird affect on me.

Home we go for egg time snack.

Custard with sesame paste layer at the bottom.

Hara hetta!

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