wedding photographer

Alongside other genres of photography, I also shoot weddings.  Although I am based in London, I am willing to travel for interesting weddings.


Photography style

There seems to be a lot of techno-babble when people describe what type of wedding photographer they are.  Words such as authenticity and emotion seem to feature prominently.  Likewise concepts such as reportage and documentary, traditional, portrait, artistic and black and white lead to much confusion, as if weddings were not stressful enough.

I feel that such verbose and unnecessary marketing verbosity is unnecessary.  I prefer to have the photos speak for themselves.

My style is sometimes referred to as documentary wedding photography.  I photograph a wedding with minimal posed shots and instead seek to capture the natural flow of the day.  Staying out of the way as much as possible is key, wouldn’t want to have a photographer in the background of one of your key moments!

My ethos is that a wedding photographer should not be heard or seen.  After all, the day will be about you – not about the venue, your friends and family (no matter how much they protest otherwise) or even the skill of the supporting ensemble.


Wedding portfolio

As I find that pictures speak louder than words, a few selected highlights from weddings I have photographed are below.


If you are looking for a photographer who you won’t notice until you get the best photos of your life (helped by the fact that this will be a once in a lifetime event for you) please email me at