Amazon rain forest 2 of 2

On our third night in the rain forest, we were treated to a night hike.  That was hair raising realising that you were all alone in the pitch black jungle.  A particular moment that had to stand out was when we spied some spiders less than a metre away and then were told to turn off ALL lights so as not to scare them.  Instead, we scared ourselves.

As we survived this, it was followed the next morning by a visit to a roost for bird of paradise.  Just in case this wasn’t enough adventure for us, the last adventure was some tubing on the river.  This was something that we were not to forget.  Although, sitting as I was on the boat to document that expedition, I was disappointed that annoying humans in the water did not attract a crocodile, which might attract puma’s who love to eat crocodiles.  So all this trip was for nothing.

Yet, I guess there is always next time.

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